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  • What are the best ways to separate my business and personal finances?
    Mixing business and personal finances is a major problem for small-business owners. Not only does it create headaches at tax time, it also makes it difficult to track the profitability of your company.
  • How does better accounting affect my bottom line?
    Many small- and mid-size businesses fail to adequately measure and manage their finances, even though poor financial management is a major cause of business failure. If you don’t have good financial practices in place, your business could suffer in a number of ways, including lost revenue, insufficient tax planning, and missed financial opportunities.
  • What questions should I ask when choosing the right accountant for my business?
    Working with a professional accounting service offers you security and peace of mind. It’s a smart business choice for your company, but you need to decide which accountant or accounting firm is right for you. See below for a reference of questions to ask prior to choosing an Accountant. Is their fee structure fixed, or do they charge every time you pick up the phone to call? Will they reconcile your accounts every month? Do they provide a solid audit trail? Will they prepare a financial statement for you every month -- and help you analyze and understand it?
  • What makes you different than other monthly accounting services?
    Customer service sets JG Accounting Services apart. It is a priority to reach out to each client on a consistent basis because we care about the success in their life & business.
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